Monday, July 22, 2013

the countdown of the rhino history!!!!!!!

how can poachers do this to awesome animals like the 
black rhinos.


  1. Hi Joshua,

    Yes very informative and helpful video. Hard to believe how many have been killed, and how few are left. It goes to show how hard it will be for the world to educate the uneducated who do not know better, or even know if they are getting a real horn or not.

    That is one problem we have to take on in this program. How can we and the kids in Vietnam and China who want the practice to end now before it's too late, reach these older people with the message that it has absolutely no medicinal value, and that it won't cure their illness or disease? These people have faith in strangers who peddle this big lie, giving them false hope, while the myth peddlers take what little money these people have.