Wednesday, May 10, 2017

#Rhino Rights

the black and white rhino as you all know are endangered creatures.Poachers hunt them for their horns.Their is only a population of between 5,040 to 5,458 of black rhinos, and a population of 19,666 21,085 of white rhinos.They are a lot more endangerd than you think.This isnt just about saving the rhinos but saving things from extintion,The Rhinos would be better off in their natural habitat or breeding in captivity.Black rhinos and white rhinos have a very small population the endanged panda it has a poulation of 1,864 individuals  #Rhino Rights    Image result for rhino monitoring systems using drones    This is a rhino monitoring drone,     it will be used for stoping poachers and other wildlife crime.
   Image result for rhino monitoring systems using drones