Monday, October 21, 2013

Introduction to My Contributions

Hey guys. My name is Rosa. I went to P.S. 33 but I'm a senior in the Pace Academy of M.S.118 now. I've recently thought about your Saving the Black Rhino Project, and I think the first step for you guys is raising awareness of the actual issue. Take it out there. Don't just keep the issue to yourselves. Let the others know what's happening. I have some ideas on how to raise awareness of the black rhino problem. Let me know if you want to know what I'm thinking about.


  1. Hi Rosa,

    I fully agree with you and I am all ears about your ideas on how to help us raise awareness. That is one of our primary goals - awareness and education especially to the demand country governments and end users who buy this stuff believing it can cure diseases and other ills. Thank you.

  2. Hey Mr.Newman What you said was true.Well, can you come to the club on Monday.In the Science Club,there are s few members that do not know you So can you come let me know via Google Plus.Thanks!

  3. HI Ikrami,

    I would love to sometime this fall when I come back. Do you always meet on Mondays? I sometimes come down mid-week. But if Monday is the only night I will schedule my future trip so we can all meet. Looking forward to it. We have lots to discuss together. All the Best...for you all and our friends in the animal kingdom under threat from us crazy humans.


  4. Hi Ikrami,
    OK great, next time I come down I will schedule a visit for the time you all meet with Mr. Ronelus's Science Club.
    All the Best,