Monday, October 7, 2013

Rhino Extintion Crisis:Illegal Rhino Horn Trade Thrive

    The prominent horn to which rhinos are so well known has also been their downfall.The horn is also valued in North America and the Middle East as an ornamental dagger.

                             Rhino Extinction Crisis

              Rhinos have been slaughtered to near extinction to fuel the  insatiable demand for rhinos horn products in China -and more recently Vietnam-all based on myths about the alleged me traditional uses of rhino horn, wildlife traffickers are promoting "non traditional"uses,such as a cure for hangovers and a treatment for cancer.The newly wealthy in Vietnam also seek rhino horn to display  as a status symbol.
                  In addition to the demand from China and Vietnam ,unscrupulous wildlife industry professionals in South Africa have returned to supplying traffickers with rhino horn,often via trophy hunting loopholes.Speculations about the  legalization of rhino horn trade is another issue which is fueling the rhinos crisis.

 Needed:Accurate reporting on the rhino crisis.
       Although rhino horn has no medicinal properties ,myths about rhinos horn is unfortunately  still persist.In China and Vietnam,rhino horn is unfortunately promoted as a "remedy"for nearby everything,from hangovers and cancer.These myths surrounding the rhino horn are why rhino are slaughtered illegally and why wild rhino populations in Africa and Asia remain under threat.

         Here we are in 2013 why does the illegal massacre of rhinos continue?
.China is currently believed to be explosion in cities research loopholes by farming rhinos for horns .
.speculations in South Africa about the legalization of rhino horn trade is an issue which is fueling rhino crisis.
.The nearly wealthy in Vietnam seek rhino horn to display status symbol.
       Fact:Rhino horn is not a remedy for fever,pain,arthritis or any other medical condition.RHINO HORN DOESN'T CURE CANCER AND IT IS NOT AN APHRODISIAC.


  1. Rosa,

    This is wonderful, how did I miss this earlier. We should follow our new friend former student from PS 33X advice and try to get our message out there to the greater world. How can we make this issue viral on the Internet with all kids your age...leading toward petitioning the Chinese and Vietnamese governments to educate their poor and uneducated people who are falling for these myths and lies. TV and radio shows on a continual basis, Internet, magazines and posters in villages and cities, etc. It can be done and we can help. Your good ideas and friend's ideas are certainly welcome. Thank you for caring.

  2. Whoops sorry I got your name wrong Josian. Haha. I get confused this time of night. Forgive me.