Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hi Everyone,

Well there is some more bad news out of South Africa - this time on white rhinos which there is a much larger population than the black rhinos.  Worst year ever in recent memory for poaching - over 1,000 killed for their horns.

However, there is some interesting information I did not know that offers us in our time some hope for even the black rhinos.  In the 1900s the white rhino numbered only about 100 now there are 20,000.  It is one of the biggest conservation of endangered species success stories.

So we must keep trying and get a good petition together, so we can galvanize kids all over the world through social media to get the Vietnamese and Chinese governments to educate their people with our help - that it can not cure illnesses, hangovers, or is a cool designer drug or any other dumb reason to want it.

OK - hopefully we can get Phase II off the ground sooner than later. Sandra Thaxter is coming over to lend a hand and is bringing gifts of computers to several communities and schools in Kenya!

Watch for her - She is the white haired angel floating by.... Have a great trip Sandra!


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