Tuesday, January 14, 2014

As we all know, the Black Rhino is a symbolic iconic large creature that we want to protect and preserve.  It is also a prime example of our destructive ways, and in the rhinos' instance glaring beacons of human greed, poverty, and old superstitious cultural beliefs.

As was shown in the prior article Bonnie sent that I posted the other day on Vietnam’s rhino horn demand – it will be more difficult than I imagined to stem the tide of this surging demand (in Vietnam anyway).  But all it takes is one country whose laws and practices can’t or won’t be changed to wipe out a species already threatened, likely in less than a generation.  So despite that we have to continue to try!

And as you know too, rhinos are only part of the equation here.  They are part of a much bigger picture.  

We have to care about all nature and its diversity.  We become a more spiritually bankrupt species if these creatures and ecosystems are wiped out by our careless acts or over development.  But not only will our spirits suffer, it will also greatly impact our physical well-being as well.

So if we look at it in a more self-serving way, we should really consider this impact on our own future as biological creatures inhabiting a big biological system called planet Earth, (which also is planet Ocean).

Here for you are three important articles and two short films - A very sad article on West African lions (near gone – save them East Africa!!), forest elephants of the Congo, and the ocean's coral reefs.

Ahh, what roles these top predators, elephants and coral reefs do play in keeping earth’s bounty intact for future generations!!


West African Lion – Critically Endangered

Great videos

Why Elephants Are So Important for Humanity

Why biodiversity and coral reefs are so important for life in oceans and for humans

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