Monday, July 8, 2013

Hallo everyone,
This is Herine from Nairobi Kenya. We are settling down to preparing for the Black Rhino project. Today the kids have been asked to gather as much information about wildlife in Kenya as much as possible. Beyond what they know from everyday life, pay attention to some of the challanges facing wildlife in Kenya. We will have an open forum discussion about the same tomorrow; after that we will get them to do specific research about the black Rhino. By the time they connect to their newyork pals, I believe they will have so much to dicuss-enjoy doing so.


  1. Hello herine my name is Peter and I can't wait to participate on this project!it is very cool to talk to kids from a different place

  2. Hello Herine,

    This is Mr. Ronelus. It's an honor to work with you and your wonderful students from Kenya this summer and beyond. We are looking forward to communicate with you all via Skype, the blog and google plus.