Sunday, July 28, 2013

Well here is a great write-up as usual from our teammates in Bungoma - from Friday's tremendous international session, AND a good photo below of the students researching and checking out our new EverSpire education game series lead character - Malika Hazard.


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I know Bungoma site was on and off so were not heard very well and these was what they presented:

Situation in Kenya with rhino.
More than 24 rhinos reported killed by the end of June 23rd this 2013
Tools used to kill were guns
Research states that 3 days later in Solio Ranch near Nyeri in central Kenya, one more rhino was killed.
In Ngulia Rhino sanctuary in Tsavo west National park another rhino was killed.
On 27th may 2013 one rhino was killed at Meru national park and on 29th May 2013, 3 more rhinos were killed on private ranch of Oserian Wildlife Sanctuary.

Therefore, students' worry was, why killings are done in sanctuaries and yet are made in order to protect rhinoceros species?

There they are asking the Kenya Wildlife Services to immediately give a better idea on how to save the black rhino, since they are very view in our beloved country Kenya.

Students' conclusion shows that if Kenya does not somehow increase the effectiveness of its security operations concerning wildlife, or figure out another means of stopping the poaching, they might loose more than 50 rhinos at the end of 2013.

What is being done by the Kenyan government:
The Kenya National assembly voted almost unanimously to raise penalties for wildlife poaching and trafficking of wildlife products on 22nd may 2013.
Therefore the decision created an emergency legislation to raise penalties to 15 years in jail and a fine of millions of money.
Surprise -- poachers and dealers in Kenya still collectively give Kenya's lawmakers the proverbial finger, which leads Kenya to feel it is losing the battle against poachers.

International security bodies are working with Kenyan government to get a better idea of dealing with rhino slaughter cases.

Question from Bungoma student to NYC student was;
Do you have poachers in your country?
How do you deal with them?

(Now see recent blog post from George Newman on US OPERATION CRASH)

Answer from Bungoma Students to general question on where the Black Rhinos are found in Kenya:

Rhino valley lodge
Meru national park
Tsavo west national park
Masai mara
Ngulia sanctuary and private ranch of Oserian
Solio Ranch

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