Friday, July 5, 2013

Kids learning about saving Black Rhino through art and discussions.

In East Africa, Kenya being one of them, kids are eager to know what measures are being taken to save the black rhino. Kids are dwelling on Africa as an epidemic area for Rhino life as its said that, this year in south Africa has lost more than 290 Rhinos which sounds terrible to the family of rhinoceros all over the world.
This shows that at least two rhinos are loosing life a day compared to last year's killings (2012) where poachers killed 668.
Great interest is to know why East Asia especially Vietnam  is activating the Rhino killings buy legalizing the buying and selling of Rhino products.
Their cry of the kids is to ask African leaders to enforce security forces in place the secure rhinos globally.

What results to killings
believes that their products results to wealth and medical misinformation.


  1. Hello Bonaventure,

    This is Mr. Ronelus. It's an honor to work with you on this project. The Alchemist club members are looking forward to share their thoughts and ideas with you and your phenomenal students in Kenya, Africa.

    Peace in the East,

    Mr. R

  2. Hello Ms.Bonaventure
    My name is Peter Armijos and I am very happy that we are contributing on a project that will help an animal that needs help.I cannot wait till you will meet all of my friends and I am so siked for this project!

    1. Hello Peter,

      I am glad to see that you're the first person to comment on Mr. Bonaventure's post. He is a man not a woman ok. LOL. I know you didn't know. Any way, next time use Mr. Thanks. I am sure he will just laugh at it.

      Mr. R

  3. Whoops I called you a miss sorry about that Mr.bonaventure

  4. Hi All,

    George Newman of OPEN here. Thank you all for your early contributions to this very promising cross-the planet initiative to save the black rhino!! I know we can do it if we work together, joining hands across the nation, through our smart, creative and motivated students. Mr. Ronelus will be sending along some additional information about our moderately ambitious plans for this program, which will we hope extend well beyond this summer pilot. This is the start of something great and powerful. Thanks again everyone, we will be back in touch soon.

  5. wow thats alot of rhinos that have been lost