Thursday, April 25, 2013

3 Endangered animals

One of the endangered animals are Polar bears. The Polar  bears are losing their climate. The Polar bears home is melting. Also Panda bears are losing their food. The bamboo is being cut down by humans. The last endangered animal is the Black rhino. The horn is being cut off by poachers. The poacher are cutting it off and selling it. These are the animals that are endangered.


  1. Black rhinos do not have any natural predators in the wild. Humans who poach the rhinos for their horns are their main enemy. As a result, their population has dropped significantly. Today, fewer than 3,500 remain, opposed to the nearly 100,000 in 1960

  2. I love this work the only problem is when u wrote home+an(s) to it and it will be 100%.