Friday, April 26, 2013


3 endangerd animals:(black rhinos ,they are getting hurt because there hornes are good for medince  and clothes.Gaint panda,  tiger,Polar bear,walrus


  1. Sam so the way that u delete people is go to some ones ofule your friends but some one that you have friends in common s then you press my circles it on the right on tip of people in common then its going to send you to your circle press the x on the person s name

    1. u should not be commenting about how to delete people from Gmail u should me commenting about the nice work that Samya did or what she should do to make this post better

  2. Replies
    1. the same from the above that's all i have to tell u

  3. Samya i love this post but the only problem is that u should add more details to this and more details about each animal u wrote like Gaint panda, tiger,Polar bear,walrus and it looks like u didn't get to finish this post so i hope my advice helps u so u can finish this post bye.