Friday, April 26, 2013

what would help

  •          Its unfair what these people are doing to the poor creatures that are going instinct.Black rhinos need are help,i think we all have to understand that the sad thing about the disapearience of rhinos that's really do to human greed that's the shrategy.than again people are tacking some Black rhinos to creat a new population far away.If they fail with black rhinos what will be the next visit!? What would you do if you'd see a poor black rhino stranded???(leave a comment below to tell me what you would do)thank you............@_@


  1. well Daniel i don't know where to start with u u got so many problems on this post i will tell u the 1st 1. the 1st 1 is your spelling some of those words like creat that is not a word i think the word u were trying to say was create, the other word is tacking that is not a word i think u were trying to say tracking.The 2nd problem is your CAPITALS!!! The other thing is your periods,the other thing is your spaces, and your last problem is u have to make PERFECT SENSE because when i read some of your sentences they didn't even made any SENSE!!!! So i hope this comment helps u change this post and make it better okay bye.