Friday, April 26, 2013

let start the project

well one endanger type is the black rino and the cheeta and aslo the polar bears

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  1. I love this post the only thing is that u have 6 different problems Jocabed the 1st problem is when u started your post with the word well u should have put the letter w CAPITAL. The 2nd problem is the word one next to the word endanger how are u going to say one when u have 3 different animals in your group. The 3rd problem is is the word type when u finished the word u should of put the word animals because it makes sense. The 4th problem is when u were trying to write the word cheetah u forgot to write the h.The 5th problem is u forgot to write your period.And your last problem is u don't got a lot of info on your 3 different animals. And it you did all the work i told u to fix u will have a 100% on this nice work