Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hi Everyone,

Thank you all again for that incredible work and brilliant output by the kids and classes in Kenya and NYC Bronx summer science programs.  Very much looking forward to the videos and the recorded greatest "Save the Rhino hits" from The Founder Group's classrooms!

We will be issuing you all the new first episode of the Saving the Black Rhino OPEN education game - the Habitat Simulator mission within the week.  We want you to be the first to get it and give us your feedback on how it works and how we can improve.

Definitely continue on your 3 research areas for the initial draft report/position paper for our leaders and wildlife officials, as you and your students can.  Write me on email or this blog if you need anything from me or the OPEN team.

Our Founder Group is the start of a worldwide movement by kids of our shrinking planet to stop the rhino killings for good.  The madness has to stop.  Elephants and other precious wildlife right behind!

Kids together joining across borders telling their governments and wildlife officials how to get it done is the answer!  And singing about it and having those songs be heard worldwide can be the best messaging.  We are the next wave in conservation movements --- Cross-border education programs and educational gaming empowering kids and helping get our world into tip top shape while we're at it.

Like we do and as you already know - it's really all about education in the supply countries but especially in the demand countries, and giving people other attractive job options - maybe amnesty for former poachers to quit their practice.   Not easy at all, but it can be done.

Surely we have a duty to try.  At least the kids of today and even us adults can look back on this and say that the kids with the great conservation support organizations out there gave it their best shot.

So we join with the big guys and gals already at it.  Kids worldwide have been the missing component in my humble opinion.

So let's join and get to the front lines of the movement - with our research reports/position papers and educational games and programs!

OK enough preaching for today...

I wanted to lay down some ideas for Phase 2 upcoming and get your feedback -

For our Phase II sessions, we hope to have later in 2013, we will recruit a few schools in South Africa where most of the rhinos are located and in turn the greatest numbers being killed.  Schools near Kruger National Park where the rhinos mostly live, or maybe schools Cape Town or Johannesburg, South Africa.  I have friends from there I will reach out to do beginning work for this next series of international classrooms for Save the Rhino studies and kid conservation activism.

Also, we have to begin recruiting schools from the demand countries - especially Vietnam and China.  I have some thoughts on that and so from here.....

And then of course there is the issue of funding to make this flame spewing dragon fly.

Let's have the Founder Group teachers and Sandra link up next week by Skype to discuss Phase II further and this initial draft report, and more!!

Thank you.


I'm really liking - "Buy Rhino T-Shirts, not Rhino Horn" - slogan - Johnny you cook that up?!

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