Thursday, August 8, 2013


By Ikrami Ouro

I will say stop the poachers! These animals are almost going extinct. The more you kill the more the numbers decrease. Save the black rhino because the numbers are decreasing.

Kids it is our duty to save nature. Nature is where we come from. We have a spirit from nature. Nature is where the black rhino came from.

By Joshua Garcia

Children all around the world, I am here to tell you about what's happening to tall the black rhinos in Africa. Poachers from Africa are killing the rhinos for their horns because the horns have great value. The people who buy the horns believe it can save them from illnesses. If we kill just one, it's like killing the whole entire population of black rhinos. We already know that the rhino horn don't help cure cancer or any other illness. 

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