Saturday, August 17, 2013

What did I learn?

Rather learn then just sit there playing violence games it is time to learn about what is happening in Kenya.Hope you like this 52 minute video.Thank you Rhino Savers.3>


  1. This is an excellent post Ikrami! I am truly proud of you and all your accomplishment thus far in this project.

    Mr. Ronelus

  2. Yes Ikrami, I second that motion. Very nice post and great work.

    Let's jam forward on our report for the governments of Kenya and USA. Your class - how we might spread the word through OPEN games and social media to educate kids in South Africa, Tanzania, Vietnam and China.

    So THEY too learn the truth and a lot about life and nature, and then petition their leaders to educate the poor and uniformed. Educate those who think rhino horn is magic medicine, and that elephant tusks are cool decorations. They are NOT!!! Onward...