Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Song That I Made Up Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why did you have to why did you have to kill the rhinos look at there faces look at their faces there to sad because the poachers they're  killing them for their horns why did you have to kill those rhinos please who care about them can you save them like me and my class. I just see their faces, I just wish I could communicate with them cause, I post videos, I post comments for the rhinos, for the rhinos so please save the rhinos. I know you care about them but not the poachers and even the wildlife cares about them, I don't know why the poachers are killing the rhinos those rhinos yeah yeah this is our chance to save the rhinos from dying I know you care about them like you care about you you you you you you you you you so stop killing these rhinos just help me and my class and Mr.R save these rhinos save these rhinos save these rhinos.

Karen Vasquez' song for the Black Rhino


  1. Hi Karen - Mr. Newman here.... Very nice emotional song lyrics- from the heart, and that is how it seems we all feel - the team who makes up this great project. We will grow this team and you will be among the first pioneers for this cause of kids rising UP and saying ENOUGH!!!

    We have a plan and we will execute it. So research on how to use social media to bring this knowledge to kids like you around the world - especially in villages and city corners where they think the horn cures their ills. EDUCATION by us and their leaders!!

  2. Very Nice Song Karen.. First time I've seen it. You are very talented. Keep doing a great Job.