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Hi Team Rhino - Founder Group -

Here is a most excellent work by the students from Bungoma.   From their earlier artistic submissions, depicting scenes of poachers and security guards, I asked them to please put a picture book story about the situation and our work now and as it unfolds ahead.  They have taken up the task and here is their first chapter in the picture book.  It it is a most imaginative and powerful narrative, told from the perspective of the animal kingdom.   I want to put our music from our program in and around this work to complement it and to further project our program to the world out there.  Thank you students of Bungoma, Mr. Masika and all the great tech team that worked so hard in the past several weeks of our Phase I pilot!   Enjoy...

Chapter 1
From the Kids of Bungoma, Kenya



Jungle TV Announcement:

“Today is the day we should look for the best solution to defend our fellow Rhinoceros family.  We have heard several illicit slaughter of our beloved brothers and sisters of the jungle destiny.” said by the president of the jungle Mr. Lion and his first lady Mrs. Lioness. Thus began the start of a movement that could improve the chance for saving the black Rhino.

After the news coming up for a better idea to save the black rhino, it crossed the life of different wildlife species. Why? Poachers knew that the cry of animals was against their will of becoming rich. Most of them equipped themselves with dangerous firearms, as if they are going for a war to fight rebels within the jungle. But—but—ahhhh! They were after a polite and foreigner attractor for Mr. Rhinoceros, “Shame to you poachers. Do you think what you’re doing is good? Your days are numbered!”

Look at the poacher with a gun targeting to kill a black rhino. 

Children of the world - Is it fair to kill the black rhino?

Thank you security department for caring for the rhino, please, keep it up and save the rhinoceros species in any game reserve worldwide.

Thank you for being vigilant, we believe later on you will scare poachers from killing innocent black rhinos for the sake of its precious horn.

See how wildlife family is scared with poachers’ firearms. Children of the world, you know what they need? Ooh! Nothing but a peaceful environment to stay and enjoy Jungle freedom.

As the life the Rhino was still not protected. The jungle president Mr. Lion called Jungle stakeholders meeting where he was to chair. The agenda of the meeting was to form a jungle security task force. The meeting attracted several wildlife species, though the Rhino was much worried and was much unsettled.

In the meeting, Mr. President Lion called upon jungle members present to do free and fair security task force elections to get those who will remain alert all the time and inform others without bias. Funny enough, as the meeting was on, Mr. Bat set up an alarm that there was a poacher coming to kill them.

An alarm divided the minds of animals that forgot that they were having a security meeting, but they heard a sound of legs moving fast, and a voice saying, “Why can’t you save me?” The jungle president warned his bodyguards, Mr. Hare and Hyena, to run at their best so that they can not be found by a bullet from a silencer.

Wildlife family in a security meeting to elect security task force while other animal family standing at a distance worried of being attacked by the poachers.  

 After an alarm by wildlife jungle security guard, Mr. Bat, whose nature is not known, you can’t tell if he is an animal or a bird, every animal ran as fast as it could to save its life.

Children of the world - Do you know that life is important on the planet? See how the wildlife is struggling for their life against the poachers.

As far as the animals were running to save their life, they could not compete with bullet and arrows that ran faster than they can do. Instead they heard downfalls of innocent animals, but most of the bullets were directed to the Black Rhino. Ooh Malice poachers, are you doing the right thing to this innocent Rhino? What are your suggestions to children of the world?

See how animals are being killed

After this incident with the poachers, the jungle president asked for human intervention to save the Black Rhino. He turned to kids first saying; “You have demonstrated your love of animals through your animal dolls. Remember, a young kid who sees an animal toy will cry to carry the doll.  Even if that doll is of a lion or any other fierce or scary animal, the child will love it.  Children of the world, will you share the love of your animal dolls with our beloved wildlife brothers and sisters?  And parents, will you extend the love for your children to our animal kingdom, to help save us from the poachers?!”

How can we begin to understand? – Learn from Mkomazi.

                                              Thank you so much, from the kids from Bungoma, Kenya.




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