Thursday, May 2, 2013

3 endangered species

 Hey guys it's me and Jason Regalado and we are going to tell you at least 3 endangered species all right let's begin.


he first animal that is in danger is cheetah.Cheetah are in danger because there used to be around 2,000 cheetahs in south afrcia and now there are around 50 cheetah left.I just don't believe it.

The second animal that's in danger is polar bear.Polar bears are endangered because they are losing they home so then they have to live in aquariums and they don't want to so now you know why polar bears are endangered

   Now the last endangered animal is black rhino.The reason why the Black rhinos are in dang  Now the reason why the black rhinos are in danger because they are losing they horn because the horns are rare so now you know the three endangered species.bye from jay and me.


  1. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. this is amazing,great work
    remember if you work hard,you can accomplish anything ok

  3. this is wired did joselyn wrote it or Jason ? did u both wrote this?

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