Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dear Mayor Bloomberg,

   Hello Mayor Bloomberg my name is Luis Veras I am 11 yea s old. I live in Bronx, NY. My building # is 2317 Morris Ave. apt .5c. In the following paragraph I am going to tell you why I’m writing this letter.
     The reason why I am writing this letter to you is to inform you about P.S33’ s  5th  grade, me, & my science teacher are all having a serious problem! Our problem is the endanger black Black Rhinos and Poachers. We have a problem with them because poacher are killing animals that then they become endanger like the Elephant, Polar Bears, Cheetahs, Giant Pandas, most importantly the Black, etc. My science teacher Mr.Ronelus created a blog called “Saving the Black Rhino” he even created a website called www.alchemistclubrhinoproject.blogspot.com that website is just a fast way to get to the blog,on that blog we are just posting videos, facts information that tell about the black. We can also comment each other’s work. Anyway back to our problem with these two poachers are wiping out the black rhinos.Poachers already wiped out Mozambique Africa black rhinos. There are no more black rhinos in Mozambique Africa. Here is a full story on what happened to them:

 The 15 threatened animals were shot dead for their horns last month in the Mozambican part of Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park, which also covers South Africa and Zimbabwe.
They were thought to be the last of an estimated 300 that roamed through the special conservation area when it was established as "the world's greatest animal kingdom" in a treaty signed by the three countries' then presidents in 2002.
The latest deaths, and Mozambique's failure to tackle poaching, has prompted threats by South Africa to re-erect fences between their reserves.
Wildlife authorities believe the poachers were able to track the rhinoceroses with the help of game rangers working in the Limpopo National Park, as the Mozambican side of the reserve is known.
A total of 30 rangers are due in court in the coming weeks, charged with collusion in the creatures' deaths, according to the park's administrators.
    If we do not stop these poachers they will just keep on killing these poor black rhinos and the other poor endanger animals.
    Everyone on the blog feels bad for these black rhinos.     All i am asking you to do is make a law that says” there should not be any poachers what so ever and if you are a poacher and kill an animal you will go to jail fotr 2-3 years” and sign it. I am going to send this same letter to Barack Obama and maybe you should talk to him about  this law before you make this law and both of you sign it. If you want to talk to me call me at this number 718- 365-1806 or you could reach me on Gmail my name on Gmail is Luis Veras you can also send me an email at verasluis3@gmail.com okay i gave you the ways you can reach me.
Thank you Mayor Bloomberg if you help us with our problem and have a nice day.               


  1. This is a great letter to the mayor it's means a-lot to me and the other's that we are saving the black rhino's . keep up the great work.