Monday, May 20, 2013

what i feel about poachers hunting black rhinos

The black rhinos or hook-lipped rhinos (also known as the Diceros bicomis) are extremley endangered. Already one of the species called the Western black rhino are exinced. When (or will) the poachers get the message? I mean for real!!! If i were to meet a poacher, I would say "STOP POACHING AND GET MONEY ANOTHER WAY!!!!!!!" Im sick and tired of hearing "These animals are endangered ". I would not have typed this. People need to do more for our society. And so many people wounder "why is this world always so dirty?". WELL THINK OF WHAT YOURE DOING BEFORE YOU THINK!!!!!!! Im always looking at pictures and say "Really, what has our world come to?". I HOPE that our world would be better in the future!!!! Only one could dream. :(

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