Tuesday, May 7, 2013

endangered animals

                                     the endangered animal that i could
   of is a cheetah becaues peopel kill them for  there fur pe
   opel use there fur for cloths such as jacets  and boots and 
   the people use there fur for furniture and carpets 

                        also a other animal that i could 
     think off is the elephant people kill the elephants for
     there irony people use irony for jewellery

                        And finally polar bears they are
    beacaues people have been cutting down their habitats 
     and burning down forests where they live including
    there food source,bamboo.Some peopel are also been 
     illegally poaching them                                                    


  1. Hello Nathalie,

    I think you should work on your spelling in this post. You have picked three endangered animals and that is correct. However, you should check your spelling. This is good post just fix it and it will be just fine. If you need help edit it, let me know tomorrow.

    Mr. R