Tuesday, May 7, 2013

             Hello I'm Madeline Baez and I'm here to talk about 03 different endangered animals.
                        The 1st endangered animal  are Panda Bears. Panda Bears are endangereeed species because in China,Quinling Moutains, giant Pandas spend most of their day eating Bamboo. The plant makes up 99% of the bears diet, with some Pandas eating about40 pounds of it a day. But Quinling's Pandas may soon have to find another food source.
            The 2nd endangered animal are the Black Rhino. The Black Rhino is endangered because in Africa they are taking their horn to sell them for Money and to make Clothing.
      The 3rd endangered animal are the Polar Bears. The Panda Bears are endangered because climate change is causing larger and larger areas of Summer sea ice to melt. Experts say that if warning continue the Artic could be free of Summer Sea ice by2050.


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