Tuesday, May 7, 2013

This week Assignment

Hello Alchemist Club Members,

Once again this is Mr. Ronelus. I see quite a few post this week on the blog. I just want to let you boys and girls know that I am really proud of all your hard work on this rhino project. Some of you have already completed this week assignment. Here is what I want every rhino project member to do.


Find a video about the black rhino and post it on the blog. This will give you a chance to practice video posting on the blog. At this point, you should all know how to post pictures on the blog. Next week, we will focus on creating our own video and post it on the blog. Always remember that you kids will change the world in the not too distant future. Never doubt that you can make a change no matter how small you think you are.


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    1. We will help you Samantha. You have to get on board. There are many alchemist club members who know how to post video. You should communicate with them during the science club meeting.

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  3. hey mr .r did you see my video i copuldent post it on the blog dosent let me so its on google +